About the book

As reviewer Mark Osborn of Colonial Circuits puts it so eloquently: "The Quality 101 Handbook is a hybrid blend of quality evolution, ISO, William’s Laws and Guerrilla Tactics geared towards achieving continuous improvement and your next ISO audit. His step- by- step guide is rooted in common sense and will reignite your desire to take a fresh look at your organization, dust off the corporate compass, and then aim it squarely in the direction of Success."

Walt Custer follows up with more kudos: "I am happy to endorse Steve’s handbook. In addition to providing a wealth of practical information in an easy to digest format, Steve is also a very nice guy with a good sense of humor and excellent communication skills. This all shows though in his book!"

About the author

Steven Williams has over 35 years of experience in the electronics industry, having gained prominence and recognition as an industry authority on manufacturing, lean and management the course of his career. He has held senior management positions including strategic sourcing, operations, engineering, quality and organizational excellence. He is a distinguished faculty member at several major universities and has been published over 75 times on a variety of business topics focused on helping companies improve operational performance.

Steven is a frequent public speaker and consultant, dedicated to helping companies improve. His first book, "Survival Is Not Mandatory: 10 Things Every CEO Should Know About Lean", received critical acclaim as a must-read across the industry. 

A regular contributor to PCB007, check out Steven's column POV (Point of View).